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  All work and no play makes Resident Evil 4 a dull game
Column: All play and no work makes Resident Evil 4 a dull game

Resident Evil 4 was one of the defining moments of last generation, but not only for the right reasons. What is it about the game, most specefically its pacing, that restricts it from true gaming greatness? Continue reading.

  Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter
Reviewed: Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

Call of Duty 2 was just as good on PC, Perfect Dark Zero just wasn't that good, so its fallen to Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter to demonstrate why the Xbox 360 is the future for shooters. Continue reading.

  Videogame Violence
Column: Smack, Slash and Slice: A Look at Videogame Violence

Media sensationalism has been the basis for many people's opinions of violent videogames. Craig takes a look at the hypocrisy of outrage towards videogaming scandals caused by ignorance towards the root of the problem. Continue reading.

  Civ IV
Reviewed: Civilization IV

It's the fourth iteration of Sid Meier's legendary series, but have Firaxis done enough to justify series long fans purchasing yet another Civ game? Continue reading.

  XBL Marketplace
Feature Focus: Xbox Live Marketplace

Craig takes a look at what is undoubtedly one of the most innovative of the Xbox 360's features: the Xbox Live Marketplace. Is this the next Steam? Have Microsoft found the future-proofing solution? Continue reading.

Reviewed: Psychonauts

Ignore the temptation to mark down Psychonauts as a typical platformer and Matt is sure you'll find one of the most humourously disjointed and charmingly styled games of recent times. Continue reading.

Column: Losing Control

The 360's controllers are wireless, the Revolution's are something else entirely and the PS3 recognises seven of its controller. Yet none have yet to come up with a solution to a persisting problem: making a controller that holds together for more than a couple of years. Continue reading.

  Herdy Gerdy
Replay: Herdy Gerdy

Pete takes a look back at one of the most unappreciated but innovative games of recent years. Herdy Gerdy is a masterful and delightful take on an entirely different gaming concept: herding animals. Continue reading.

  Microsofts New Employees
Column: Microsoft's New Employees

So Microsoft think they can get their customers to create their Xbox 360 games for them? It seems like a business masterstroke, but is this good news for gamers? Continue reading.

  Steven Poole
Interviewed: Steven Poole: Author of Trigger Happy

Steven Poole is the author of Trigger Happy, a deep and critical look at the workings of video games. Pete talks to him about his experiences surrounding the book and his opinions on recent gaming developments, from the Revolution's controller to Sony's expansion of the industry. Continue reading.

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  Midday of the PC
Feature: Golden Age of Gaming: Midday of the PC

Chris' series of explorative articles continue. Why was Wolfenstein 3D such a step forward from it's 2D counterparts? And why did it take consoles around ten years to catch up with developments in PC multiplayer gaming? Continue reading.

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Reviewed: Tony Hawk's: American Sk8Land

If you excuse Tony Hawk America n Sk8Land’s embarrassing title, you’ll discover one of the DS’ finest examples of enjoyable gameplay, with a side serving of online play which manages to extend the game’s otherwise pitiful lifespans. Continue reading.

  Replay: Rouge Leader
Replay: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

Pete takes a look back at GameCube’s most visually impressive launch title, which, even today, stands as a defining example of a concise and tasteful use of an invaluable license. Continue reading.

  Matt Farber
Interviewed: Matt Farber: Pandora Studios

Dan was lucky enough to get a chance to talk to the head of Pandora Studios, the developer of popular Unreal Tornaument 2003/2004 mod Frag.Ops, about their upcoming follow up, Zero Squad, and the choices the independent developer has had to make. Continue reading.

  Perfect Dark Zero
Reviewed: Perfect Dark Zero

Perfect Dark Zero isn't the next Halo, and doesn't even match up to its predecessor, but a deep and confident multiplayer mode and a single player game that grows on you ensures it does at least remain an enjoyable FPS. Continue reading.

Reviewed: Kameo: Elements of Power

Sales figures have shown Kameo to be the runt of the Xbox 360's first litter - quite unfairly. Kameo might not overflow with longevity or challenge the mind too often, but it's still a gloriously colourful platformer with a helping of vibrant character for good measure. Continue reading.

  Trauma Center
Reviewed: Trauma Center: Under the Knife

This DS slice-'em-up is so intense you may feel like the one Under the Knife. But if you can stand the heat, and the prolonged background plot, this is a innovative and incredibly addictive (if slightly off-putting) game. Continue reading.

  Call of Duty 2
Reviewed: Call of Duty 2

It's atmospheric, tactical and philosophical - Infinity Ward's contribution to the '360's launch line up is the best of the lot, and even a somewhat limited multiplayer game doesn't hold Call of Duty 2 back from gaming greatness. Continue reading.


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